Our team is made up of passionate and highly skilled language professionals specialized in translation, editing, subtitling and interpretation. In tandem with their backgrounds in community organizing, social sciences, literary arts and international solidarity, our members’ diverse linguistic expertise guarantees you a “one-stop shop” experience.


Amelia Orellana

Translator-interpreter FR ⇄ ESP

An expert in both Hispanic literature and translation, Amelia has worked in interpretation, translation and subtitling for more than eight years. Her involvement in international solidarity work and her particular interest in political and socio-environmental movements in Latin America have endowed her with a profound understanding of the terminology associated with extractivism (especially the mining and hydroelectric industries), free-trade treaties and land-defense work. Her work has allowed her to interpret and translate for a number of visiting delegations from Latin America.


Amie Monroe

Translator FR/ESP → ENG

Having bolstered her work experience with studies at the Université de Montréal’s translation department, Amie has been a freelance translator since 2014. During those five years, she was also Coordinator and a member of the board of directors at the Cooperative la Maison Verte, the first environmental solidarity co-op in Canada. Lately, she has been keeping her language skills sharp by studying ASL (American Sign Language). A self-avowed bookworm and general nerd, Amie has assimilated terminology from a wide range of fields, from the culinary arts to administration, social economy and poetry.


Fannie Poirier

Translator-interpreter ENG → FR

After studying translation at the Université de Montréal, Fannie moved on to pursue a degree in political science at the Université de Québec at Montréal. Her six years of experience as a translator-interpreter have brought her experience in commercial, cultural, community and social research fields. Her curiosity and involvement in various social movements have fed a particular interest in gentrification, feminist issues and Indigenous struggles. A passionate communicator, Fannie specializes in terminology related to sociology, media and environmental issues.


Marie Bordeleau

Translator-interpreter ESP/ENG → FR

Uniting her years of social work with her passion for languages, Marie brings her knowledge of community organizations and international solidarity to the Argot team. As a translator, interpreter and subtitler, she has navigated between three languages from one end of the continent to the other for several years, with a particular interest in the terminology used in feminist, environmental and land-defense struggles.