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What’s a worker co-op?

A worker co-op is a business operated by and for its workers. With this model, workers manage all aspects of the cooperative’s administration and made the decisions that affect them directly, without the intermediary of a business owner or manager.


Work in a stimulating environment founded on the values of initiative, self-governance, and democratic and horizontal decision-making;

Break out of the isolation and precarity of freelancing thanks to a network of qualified colleagues built in solidarity;

Refine your skills by working in teams and as a collective;

Build skills in collective management, administration and entrepreneurship;

Benefit from employee status (insured working hours, T4, vacation pay, access to CNESST coverage);

Benefit from the services of an administrative assistant (communication with clients, repartition of contracts, logistics of pay and remuneration, invoicing and bookkeeping, client follow-up);

Become eligible for annual patronage dividends.


Living the dream: work without a boss! Yeah, but… in order for a co-op model to work, each member must be able to:

Invest in the cooperative, both in a financial sense (by purchasing member shares) and in a personal one, by committing to tend to the health of the business and their work relationships;

Share the risks: each member is responsible for ensuring that the co-op meets its legal, financial and human obligations;

Work as part of a team and be accountable to her colleagues;

Participate in general assemblies and in decision-making structures.

Become a member of Coop l’Argot

Eligibility conditions

To become a member of Coop l’Argot, you must:

Have completed a minimum of three contracts as a freelancer for Coop l’Argot

Have submitted your application for a job opening published by Coop l’Argot

Have successfully completed the hiring process (one to two rounds of interviews)

Commit to purchasing member shares at a value of $1000

Become a freelancer for Coop l’Argot

Coop l’Argot often seeks out freelancers! To be added to our list of freelancers, please send us the following application materials:

Your C.V.

Your portfolio or some examples of your recent work (if applicable)

A cover letter

A reference letter or contact info for someone who can speak to your work (if applicable)